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Team SCSS Pontiac GTO      
With all of the show and demo vehicles created at South Coast Speed & Sound, we decided it would be a good idea to start an ongoing project shop vehicle to showcase our many talents.  A 2004 Pontiac GTO was chosen because of it's heritage and the fact that this platform has created a new market for accessories currently unavailable. So far South Coast Speed & Sound has installed Eibach Sport lowering springs giving the Goat increased handling and style, and replaced the stock wheels and tires in favor of HP Racing Lightning 18x8's for their aggressive look and light weight. Next we installed a NOS 175Hp dry kit to satisfy our need for speed while we develop the next step in the project, Twin Turbos! Click for project photos           
Urr2slo Sport Truck      
Urr2slo Truck Club President Rick Andrade is the owner of this one of a kind show truck that features a Cadillac Escalade front clip and numerous other body modifications.  When Directed Electronics decided the truck would be worthy of showcasing their audio/video product on the show circuit, South Coast Speed & Sound stepped up to perform one of the wildest single cab interior and a/v installs around. A Directed Video 10.4" monitor was massaged into the factory dash where the factory stereo and a/c controls were. Then a custom fiberglass center console was fabricated to house a flip up monitor, a DVD player, a/c controls, and the systems 2400 watts of amplifier power...Click to read more.
Ian Zierings '68 Camaro      
After being overhauled on the TLC show Overhaulin', Ian's Camaro has still continued to undergo more changes. The entire rear  sub-frame was reworked to include a custom four link suspension as well as numerous other small details to make the Camaro a more streetable and fun to drive car. Ian then turned to South Coast Speed & Sound to completely go over all of the wiring to ensure that every function of the car is operable and reliable while still maintaining that fresh show car look. Click to see more Photos.
Eclipse Electronics 05 Dodge Magnum      
South Coast Speed & Sound agreed to tackle the near impossible when Eclipse Electronics contacted us to build their CES demo vehicle in record setting time. The 2005 Dodge Magnum was dropped off with only 77 miles on the odometer on December 5th, 2004 with plans to perform a complete makeover to debut at the 2005 CES Show held January 6th-9th 2005. On the list of items to be completed was a complete AirRide Suspension system, GT Factory Lambo door hinges, A complete custom two tone paint job, A Classic Design Concepts Shaker Hood, as well as a full Audio/Video install showcasing all of the great Eclipse Product. It took many sleepless nights and a lot of help from all of our collective resources to pull this one off, but the car made it's debut at the CES show and was received extremely well by those attending. Special thanks go out to all those that helped. Stay tuned for a complete build up page with lots of step by step photos coming soon. For now, check out some recent photos.
SCSS Transforms a new Pontiac Solstice from concept rendering to finished product.
2004 and up Pontiac GTO Custom Center Gauge Pod is now available.

Noltec has engineered a unique polyester compound that delivers durable, reliable suspension feedback combined with softer more absorbent physical qualities. This compound is the first to incorporate ‘polyester' technology in a suspension bush environment and is manufactured at grades up to 25% softer (in a majority of applications) than competitors existing polyurethane offerings.
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